xQc cuts WWE-style promo on why he’s a top Twitch streamer

by Michael Gwilliam
Robert Paul/Blizzard Entertainment



Twitch star Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel went on a wild rant while talking with his subscribers during a February 9 stream.

The French Canadian was chatting with a 20-year-old viewer who said he owned his own company and wanted to be a millionaire. Despite his impressive accomplishment and desire to do well in life, xQc started hitting the subscriber with some hard-hitting questions.

“What makes you so special?” the former Overwatch League pro asked. “Why are you going to try more than the next guy?”

Robert Paul/Blizzard Entertainment
xQc is a former esports star.


“I’m not special,” the viewer meekly replied.

“Of course you are, dude,” Lengyel quipped back. “You have to be special. That’s kinda a sad thing to think, to think that you’re not special and you’re just like the others and you’re nothing more than them. You’re just equal. That’s it?”

“Everybody’s the same, man,” the business-owner responded.


“You have to be special. You have to get the juice,” the Minecraft-playing streamer quickly added. “Otherwise you’re not more than they are.”

Eventually, this lead to xQc asked the subscriber to ask him why he is special. This caused the Canadian to explode into a tirade seemingly ripped right from pro-wrestling.

“I show up!” he lauded. “Rainy day, cloudy day, bad day, big smile, no smile, frowny face, I show up! Everyday! And it doesn’t matter what the specifics are, I put my ticket in the hat so I can be drawn. I lead, I communicate, I pop off. The next guy, dude, he’s only going to do what he’s asked to do. I go hardcore. I do more, motherf**ker. That’s why I’m special.”

xQc started ranting about why he was a top streamer on Twitch.


The rant was definitely one for the ages as Lengyel explained what he’s one of the top streamers on the platform.

Sadly, the viewer didn’t seem to agree with everything or even keep up with quick-speaking.

“You said so much I couldn’t follow,” he admitted. “But you work inside so it’s not really fair to be honest,” he added, comparing his job with xQc’s.


To that, the Twitch star seemed relatively speechless, which is very rare for his standards. While the two didn’t see eye-to-eye, there was still respect between the viewer and Felix, who went on to wish him well with his business.

If there’s one good thing that came with the interview it’s that xQc may have a career in the WWE if he ever gets bored of being a streamer.