Twitter ‘e-girls’ apologize as group chat leak exposes “fatphobic” messages

Twitter egirls fatphobic commentstsuwukii/mimsyheart

A leaked group chat from some of Twitter’s most-followed ‘e-girls’ revealed messages showing the models using “fatphobic” terms, alongside other slurs.

Twitter is a platform where users gain often go viral and gain a following on the back of it, posting a wide variety of content. In some instances, influencers have found success within their own niche.

So-called ‘e-girls’ have gained massive popularity by immersing themselves in things like video games, cosplay, and anime – with some also posting suggestive photos. Many have racked up hundreds of thousands of followers as a result of posting such content, with a few eclipsing over a million followers.

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However, some of the biggest ‘e-girls’ on the platform have faced backlash after messages from their group chat leaked online.

Twitter ‘e-girls’ use “fatphobic” messaging in leaked group chat

Users have slammed the influencers over several controversial views, including insults directed at other models on the platform – using racial slurs – and even saying that people should “kill themselves.”

Private group chat messages were leaked on Twitter by EGIRLFRIEND (aka Laur) in a thread that has amassed almost 100,000 likes at the time of writing and has been viewed over 25 million times.

Twitter users were shocked by what was happening behind closed doors, with even those close to some of the women involved in the group chat being surprised and disappointed to see this behavior from “seemingly nice people.”

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“Your favorite e-girls are actually horrible human beings. Absolutely disgusting behavior,” Laur tweeted.

The thread contains dozens of screenshots taken from the group chat involving several “e-girls.” The screenshots show the usage of racist slurs, as well as threats to cancel other creators on the platform.

In addition to that, it shows someone saying “petition to get her to try it again” in regards to someone opening up about an attempt to take their own life. Plus, calling another model a “hideous ogre monster with Belle Delphine lips” and comparing her to a linebacker. Many other remarks in the group chat have been widely labeled as fatphobic.

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Laur, the original poster of these leaks, has also included a few tweets containing racial slurs made by Amber, one of the women in the group chat, that were posted in 2017.

Twitter ‘e-girls’ apologize, some deactivate/private their accounts

Some users have since posted apologies, while others have privated or deleted their Twitter accounts entirely.

The apology from Amber came after leaked Discord messages arose from the day before. Some Twitter users say this lessened the validity of the apology.

On top of saying “I DO NOT CARE AT ALL,” another conversation on Discord showed a discussion within the group that questioned why people were “mad about the fat shaming.” It said, “Just don’t eat and go gym,” as well as a message from Amber, saying: “I THINK SHE SHOULD KILL HERSELF.”

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Other Twitter models have spoken out about their time with the group of ‘e-girls,’ some of whom had additional allegations against those within the group.

One user, harusaijin, called one of them a “crazy b****” in Korean. She was one of the users targeted in their group chat, with her pictures getting posted alongside comments like: “HAHAHA I GENUINELY CAN’T STAND HER” and “EW A MONSTER.”

At the time of writing, none of the ‘e-girls’ in question have denied the leaked chain of texts, nor have they refuted what was said in the later leaked Discord messages.

Amber had this to say in her apology: “I take full accountability for all my actions and all of the things I said. I definitely realize how harmful this behavior is. I let my anger and jealousy cloud my judgment and I am sorry for those who were hurt by my inability to settle my issues privately with those involved.”

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Twitter users are accusing them of posting apologies that aren’t genuine, with one replying: “Let’s be real, you are only apologizing cause it went viral, you aren’t actually sorry.”

At the time of writing, Usagi and Amber still have publicly viewable Twitter accounts. You can read their full apologies for additional context on the situation.