Elon Musk reportedly considering full Twitter overhaul: “It’s a flaming dumpster”

Elon Musk in a interview with TEDTED/YouTube

Twitter CEO Elon Musk is reportedly considering a full overhaul of the social media platform as problems continue to build up for the social media giant. 

In a lengthy Twitter thread from Dave Rubin, the political commentator detailed a recent visit to Twitter’s San Francisco headquarters and delved into some troubles that are brewing at the company. 

He met up with CEO Elon Musk twice during his visit where Musk described Twitter as “a Fractal Rube Goldberg Machine.” Essentially, its system is so fragile that it’s on a delicate balance and one wrong move can crash the entire website. 

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Rubin even claimed Musk was thinking of taking down Twitter’s code and starting from scratch. Telling the commentator the entire situation is “a flaming dumpster rolling down the street.”

He also suggested that Twitter does enforce shadowbans despite ex-Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey repeatedly saying they do not before his departure. Rubin claimed his own account was hit with the bans, with labels such as, “recent misinformation strike”, “recent abuse strike”, and “recent suspension strike”.

He also touched on a KeyWord database Twitter allegedly operates. It’s a machine learning algorithm that ensures the social media platform does not promote any violence or overly explicit content. But Rubin claimed that the database is a mess of “overreaching words” to the point that words like ‘gay’ would make a tweet not advertiser friendly and suppress it in the website’s page by mistake. 

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It must be said that Rubin did not make it clear if these problems arose before or after Musk’s arrival at the company. We’ve already seen plenty of new issues stemming from Musk’s creative direction, but it’s unclear if these particular gripes are fresh or old.

We also have to take Rubin’s words with a grain of salt as the political commentator has a history of promoting certain agendas. However, in this instance, we know for certain he was on the ground floor at Twitter’s HQ, lending credence to his reports.