Twitch viewers freak out after wild dingo appears on IRL stream - Dexerto

Twitch viewers freak out after wild dingo appears on IRL stream

Published: 24/Nov/2019 20:35

by Brent Koepp


An IRL streamer broadcasting from Australia was camping on Fraser Island when his audience became terrified by a wild dingo that walked up behind him. 

Fraser Island is located off of the eastern Queensland coast of Australia, and is the largest sand beach in the world, spanning over 120km in length.

Besides the gorgeous views, the island is also known for its wildlife, and in recent years it’s seen a string of attacks from dingos against unprepared tourists.

Popular IRL streamer ‘theRealShooKon3’ chat’s went into a frenzy when they noticed the wild canine stumble upon his camping area, and went crazy trying to warn him.


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Instagram: @therealshookon3The IRL streamer is currently traveling Australia.

A wild dingo appears!

The Twitch personality was 12 hours into his IRL stream, and was talking to his audience in his camping tent, when a wild dingo slowly walked up behind him, and looked straight at him.

TheRealShooKon3 was completely oblivious to the animal, so his chat began to repeatedly warn him about the canine that had stumbled on to where he was staying for the night.

His audience continued to spam “Dingo behind you!”, before he finally took notice to what they were saying, and looked over his shoulder, but by that point the animal had disappeared from view.

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After repeatedly checking over his shoulder, the streamer then shook his head and exclaimed, “There’s no f*cking dingo behind me, bro!” in disbelief, even after viewers spent the last minute trying to warn him.

He then turned to his camera and asked, “How do you guys just troll me like that, that fast?!” before checking one last time over his shoulder, and then continuing his broadcast.

A reason the camper was so reluctant to believe them could be because he had been scammed back in May while in the Philippines when he paid a fake waitress at a bar, and his chat had given him a hard time for it.


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While TheRealShooKon3 was ultimately not harmed by the incident, the close-encounter had viewers on the edge of their seats, as many know how dangerous wild dingos can actually be, and the island is known for attacks.

If nothing else, the moment was a stark reminder of the unpredictable nature of IRL streams, in that anything can literally happen at any second, especially when personalities broadcast outside in nature.