LIRIK reacts to massive viewbot on his Twitch channel

. 3 years ago

Popular Twitch streamer Saqib ‘LIRIK’ Zahid was left confused when he discovered that his stream was being view botted, and asked the culprit to go bother someone else. 

LIRIK is one of Twitch’s most popular variety streamers, with tens of thousands of viewers tuning in on a daily basis to watch him playing a new release or something like GTA RP, where he has one of the most loved characters.

Yet, despite the popularity and usually chill vibes to his streams, he still puts up with trolls and those who want to disrupt the flow of streams. He exploded on one “whiny little brat” of a viewer on November 16, but, more recently, had to deal with view botting – where someone sends thousands of fake viewers to a channel in order to inflate their numbers.

Lirik, Twitter
LIRIK is one of Twitch’s most popular variety streamers.

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LIRIK was barely half an hour into his November 22 broadcast, when viewers started joking about the huge numbers that had appeared on his channel.

As he attempted to discuss cars, including the new Tesla Cybertruck which has been mocked by plenty of his fellow streamers, he wondered if heading offline would do the trick and get the culprit behind the botting to go away. 

“Should I restart the stream or some sh*t?” the streamer asked his fans. “I don’t really want to be view botted right now. I’m just trying to sip my coffee and like, relax here. This is a false sense of some sh*t.”

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However, he didn’t restart and the bots didn’t head elsewhere. After switching between Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Age of Empires, LIRIK reset, took a break, and checked out what else he could play.

“Alright, well this is one of the most awkward streams ever,” he mused, before continuing on in a robot-like voice. Seeing how I’ve been getting view botted for like three hours. Cool bro, cool.”

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As the botting continued on, so did LIRIK, playing for a few more hours before deciding to call it a day and sign off for the day by finishing up with his stream.

While doing so, the streamer addressed the situation once again and hoped it’d be different once he hit his next stream. “Mr view bot guy, can you do it to someone else? I’m totally ok,” he said. 

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Considering LIRIK’s popularity on Twitch, there’s no need for him to have artificial viewing numbers, but as it is against the rules, it’s more than likely come from someone who is trying to land him in hot water with the platform.

It remains to be seen if they’ll return to his future broadcasts, or if the troll goes on their merry way and targets someone else.

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