Twitch streamer’s mom walks in at worst possible moment

Twitch / osu

A Twitch streamer known as “Astro” was quickly forced to explain himself after his mom walked in at the worst possible moment of his livestream.

It is not often easy for Twitch streamers who stream for long hours in a day, often leading to many entertaining slip-ups for fans to enjoy.

However, in Astro’s case, he decided to make a crude joke singing along to the Ninja’s infamous Pon Pon song at the worst time, while playing one of the most popular musical and rhythm games, “osu!”, on his livestream.

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osu! requires players to have quick reaction speed to pass to pull off high scores!

The musical game features “beatmaps” which can often be made by the community, where players have to react on screen to the rhythm of the song playing.

Astro found himself playing one of the community-made beatmaps which featured an anime image as the background, however, while playing the game he began crudely singing to the song completely unaware his mom had entered his room, “What’s this sticky stuff on me?”

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Fortunately for the Twitch streamer the encounter was not caught on camera as he had been streaming without a facecam, although the audio from his microphone was enough to determine how awkward the situation had become.

Astro quickly changed his screen from the game after realizing how bad it might have looked to her walking in, “Jesus!” he said, which was followed by a quick gasp, “Hi mom.”

His door could be heard slamming in the background shortly after and the streamer quickly chased after her to try explain the awkward encounter, “wait mom, it’s not what it looks like, mom!”

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Astro returned moments later and expressed to his viewers that the explanation had not gone down well, simply saying, “I’m in big trouble.”

Despite the streamer’s frustration, many of his viewers found it to be highly entertaining with the clip amassing almost 50,000 views within a few hours.

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