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Entertainment • Jul 21, 2019

Belle Delphine’s “mystery box” for Ethan Klein is not what you'd expect

Belle Delphine’s “mystery box” for Ethan Klein is not what you'd expect
H3 Podcast, YouTube / Belle Delphine, Instagram

Controversial Instagram star and cosplayer Belle Delphine went viral after selling jars of her own bathwater in early July, later going on to sell an entire tub of the stuff for $10,000 a pop - and now, she’s even sent a custom-made gift to a well-known YouTuber.


H3H3 comedy duo member Ethan Klein received a direct message from Delphine on July 2, after suggesting that she sell jars full of her farts.

While Delphine didn’t divulge any particular info, she did ask for Klein’s address, stating that she would like to send him a mysterious “package” in light of his comments.


Klein received the package later that month and opened it during an episode of his H3H3 podcast, which had been carefully wrapped and decorated by Delphine, herself.

However, what Klein had received wasn’t a fart in a jar: rather, it was a jar of Delphine’s own spit, which she proved by recording a video of herself spitting into it, placing the video in a micro USB drive that had been taped to the inside of Klein’s special package.

(Timestamp: 1:14:15 for mobile viewers.)


Klein appeared to be both bemused and shocked by the odd video, noting that Delphine had placed “a lot of spit” into the jar.

“So she’s just drooling into a cup,” Klein said of the video. “Lots of drool. ...Oh my god, there’s no way! Did she drool that much?”

That wasn’t the only present Klein received, either: the YouTuber was also sent a custom-made ballcap that read, “I own Belle Delphine’s spit,” along with a hilarious Stuart Little themed copypasta hand-written on the back of an art print.

H3 Podcast, YouTube
Ethan Klein owns Belle Delphine's spit.


Although Delphine has incited controversy across the net, she definitely knows how to troll her audience, after creating a hilarious Pornhub parody account filled with misleading videos - the titles of which were all hilarious puns like “PewDiePie goes ALL THE WAY INSIDE Belle Delphine" (which merely depicted the “ahegao” starlet eating a photo of PewDiePie).

Belle Delphine's Pornhub prank account incited outrage from her dedicated male fans.


Delphine’s unique present for Klein follows her ban from Instagram the day prior, which was allegedly brought about by “nudity and ponrographic content.”

Delphine has yet to publicly comment on Klein’s gifts as of the publication of this article.

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