Twitch streamer sends shop into lockdown after hilarious malfunction

Twitch: JapandyJones

American Twitch streamer ‘JapandyJones’ has sent a store in Japan into lockdown after his streaming equipment malfunctioned, sounding an alarm across the neighbourhood that left the IRL streamer embarrassed.

Sometimes while streaming, things go wrong. When streamers are out roaming the real world, they can drop their camera and break it, or someone donates with a highly-inappropriate message that catches the attention of onlookers.

However, very rarely do they have such consequences like JapandyJones’ malfunction on stream. After some of his equipment broke, the shop he was sitting at made no mistake and locked everything down, thinking the end of the world was upon them.

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The streamer was just chatting back to his chat while outside a convenience store in Japan when his speaker suddenly malfunctioned. He tinkered with it for a couple of seconds, before putting it away.

However, everyone in the surrounding area seemed to kick into gear, thinking something bad was happening. The shop went from open and bustling to complete lockdown, as people flocked from all around the place to bunker down.

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The streamer looked around completely confused, with some people coming up to question what he was doing. “It’s not a bomb ⁠— it’s just Twitch, just streaming,” the streamer said, visibility embarrassed as the roller door slammed shut.

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The streamer quickly left after saying his apologies, dashing down the street to another convenience store with his tail between his legs. “This piece of sh*t speaker,” he said, now past embarrassment and just straight up annoyed at the situation he found himself in. “That was some crazy response time.”

After things chilled down and he shut off the stream, he spoke about it further, making the joke that the workers “thought Godzilla [was] coming.”

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While the rest of his stream was relatively uneventful, the streamer was still pretty in shock about the entire ordeal.

It was just poor timing, with the absolute worst-case scenario, that made for an absolutely hilarious moment in retrospect.

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