Twitch streamer screams in horror as Minecraft glitches at worst possible moment

Matt Porter

A Minecraft streamer was absolutely stunned as he watched his hard work inside the game go up in flames – literally!

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Minecraft remains the most popular game on YouTube, and thousands tune in on Twitch to watch their favorite creators break blocks and fight mobs in the sandbox game that every kid is obsessed with.

It’s not just children who still play Minecraft though, as the game still has a massive fan base among adults, including Korean streamer Kim who plays the game with a group of people on a communal server.

Unfortunately for him, none of his friends could save him when Minecraft glitched, plunging him into a massive pool of lava and costing him some seriously expensive gear.

MojangKim’s trip to the Nether did pan out as he had hoped.
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The gaggle of gamers have clearly been working hard on their server, building a railroad inside the game’s Nether, a separate dimension filled with monsters, lava and some cool treasures if you can find them.

While travelling by cart through this fiery world, Kim’s Minecraft suddenly glitched, throwing him out of the minecart and through the floor of the track, falling hundreds of blocks deep into a lake filled with hot lava.

With no water bucket in his inventory, Kim could only scream in horror as he watched his block-shaped hero – and hours of mining and pillaging – go up in smoke as lava burned his character to a crisp, and all the incredible loot he had on him too.

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As the game informed him had died, the streamer could only put his head in his hands, clearly stunned by the misfortune he had just suffered. Not only had his character burned to death, but he had also lost his diamond pickaxe, shovel, sword and axe, all of which had been enchanted to give them special powers.

Diamonds are one of the most rare substances in Minecraft, and were worth even more after their enchantment, so losing them was a horrible stroke of luck.

Due to Kim speaking Korean, we can’t tell exactly how he responded to the glitch that cost him his diamonds, but it seems like he took it in good spirits, laughing just moments after he fell to his untimely demise.

Hopefully this clip will teach Kim a very important lesson in Minecraft – always carry water with you in case of situations like this.

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