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Twitch streamer robbed live during IRL broadcast

Published: 20/Sep/2020 23:02 Updated: 21/Sep/2020 6:10

by Brent Koepp


Twitch streamer ‘HoshmandPlays’ was broadcasting live while riding his bike in the Bronx area of New York City when an unknown assailant on a moped stopped and proceeded to rob him.

IRL – or “in-real-life” – livestreams are often known for their unpredictable nature, with wild and unexpected things happening all the time. Sometimes it’s more lighthearted, and sometimes it’s just downright terrifying. The unpredictability of the real world is a gamble that all broadcasters take every time they decide to turn the camera on.

One such scary event happened on September 18 to Twitch streamer HoshmandPlays. While riding his bike in New York, a man on a moped stopped him and proceeded to shake him down for his belongings, leaving both he and his viewers in shock at what had just happened.


man on moped
Twitch: HoshmandPlays
A man on a moped approached the streamer and began to harass him.

IRL streamer robbed during live Twitch broadcast

The streamer’s day started off innocent enough, as he casually rode around the streets of NYC while broadcasting to his fanbase in a first-person point of view.

Suddenly, a man on a moped stopped Hoshmand and started asking him inaudible questions, before stating, “I can take all your s**t…Do you know who I am, bro?…I’ll punch you.”

“I’m not gonna do that. I don’t know what you want,” the 17-year-old stated as he began to back away, to which the assailant responded, “All jokes aside though, I ain’t even playing. Do you know who I am, bro? Real s**t though, the big guns, bro. Stop playing with me, bro.”


The streamer managed to get away, but was unfortunately cornered by the man again further up the street. “Damn! No!” he yelled, as the thief asked “Why you trying to run from me, bro?”

“What the f**k do you want?!” he questioned urgently, to which the stranger responded, “You know what I want, stop playing with me, bro! Give me your money!…Let me see what’s in the bag!”

As most of the situation played out off-camera, Dexerto reached out to Hoshmand for more information regarding the crime. “He took my backpack off of me while I was trying to get away and he stole my iPad that I was using for streaming,” he said. “But then he left my backpack so he only got my iPad.”


He then revealed that he’d called the police to report the incident, but that the robber had unfortunately gotten away. “I immediately called 911 after he left and cops arrived pretty fast but he was already gone by then. The cops and I started looking for him nearby in the cop car and couldn’t find him, but the cops are trying to track him down now.”