Twitch streamer rages, bans viewer for not using the emote he asked for


A Twitch streamer let loose at one of his viewers after asking for an emote spam, and the aforementioned viewer spammed the wrong emotes in chat.

Twitch streamers can get exclusive emotes in their chat, with subscribers able to get access to a wider range of emotes to show support for their favorite streamers.

As a result, you’ll often see streamers ask for emote spams when something good, funny or big happens, a way to get viewers engaged.

Hypergraphia/YouTubeHypergraphia is a full-time variety streamer that refers to his viewers as “Team Bacon”.

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However, while streaming new action RPG The Outer Worlds, hypergraphia asked for a “bacon wall” – a lot of his pig-inspired emotes – to be put into chat. One viewer, though, didn’t contribute to the bacon wall, instead using different emotes, and he paid the price.

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“Tactless,” hyper said of his viewer. “I asked for a bacon wall, plain and f*cking simple. You’re not stupid. Or maybe you are, I’m giving you the benefit of the doubt. You’re not stupid, so just stick with that and we’ll be good.”

He then continued to reaffirm that the viewer was “tactless” and “f*cking ridiculous” as other viewers continued to spam a wall of bacon across his stream.

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Hyper then hints at history with the viewer, saying “I let it slide so much for you, Brian, but it’s tactless, man. Offer no support to the stream and you come in and dump your own emotes… Get out of here, bro.”

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How much history these two have is not clear, but we would guess this isn’t just hypergraph flying off the rails for no reason – it would seem there’s more than meets the eye between these two.

The two then had some back-and-forth on Twitter, with hyper accusing his former viewer of “sending waves and waves of people to my Twitch and social media to harass me,” and pleading with his followers not to do the same in return. The tweets have since been deleted.

Twitter / @hypergraph1a

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The viewer, who goes by the name VaultDweller79, then tweeted saying: “What the hell are you talking about? I didn’t post anything. After you exploded I walked away. If something was posted, it wasn’t me.”

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Hyper allegedly banned VaultDweller, who appears to have previously been subscribed to him for seven months, from his stream shortly after the disagreement.