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Twitch streamer PotasticP left speechless after massive donation

Published: 22/May/2020 8:19 Updated: 23/May/2020 8:46

by Andrew Amos


Jeannie ‘PotasticP’ Lee ⁠— the partner of Henry ‘MxR Plays’ Liang  ⁠— was left speechless by an outpouring of support from her fans, after she made the decision to stream full-time on Twitch instead of going to medical school.

PotasticP made a life-changing decision on May 21. After getting accepted into medical school, she decided to move on from her dream profession to focus on another new-found passion ⁠— streaming.

In an emotional video with boyfriend Liang, she said she was going to start full-time streaming instead of spending the next eight-plus years of her life working towards becoming a doctor.


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On her first stream as a full-time Twitch star, Lee’s fans came rolling in with a huge amount of support. Fans pitched in with donations and gifted subs, but there was none bigger than a $1,000 donation from ‘JimmyKibaX’.


The gifter sympathised with Potastic, after making a decision similar to hers in their own life. That four-figure donation pushed the streamer over the edge, and she quickly burst into tears before sitting in silence for a moment.

She was skeptical of the reaction she’d receive after posting the announcement, and Lee was certainly not expecting this much positivity.

“Oh my god JimmyKiba,” she said, after takings some time to compose herself. “Holy sh*t, thanks for the $1,000. I don’t know what to do.”


The reason why she chose Twitch over medical school, she said, is because of the immediate impact she can have on people’s lives. While she will have to study for years to become a doctor, her Twitch stream can be an outlet for people to forget about their woes.


Her successes on the platform have also allowed her to give back to not only her community, but her family, who are supportive of the move as well.

“When Twitch came along, I didn’t expect anything like this to happen,” she explained. “I feel like something has been kind of dropped down on me to be like ‘you don’t have to be that burden anymore.’

“It’s been insanely difficult of a decision that I can’t even say that has even been decided because it’s so big.”


Potastic brings in around 2,500 concurrent viewers every time she goes live, and with the announcement of her going full-time, that number is surely going to rise.


She got the support of her fans and her family, and she’s got the faith in herself, and with that kind of backing, she’ll be able to give back in the way she dreamed about doing as a doctor.