Twitch streamer Nymn “kicked out” of Furry convention for livestreaming

Twitch: Nymn / NordicFuzzCon

Nymn’s furry convention adventure came to a quick and abrupt end, when he and his companion were told to stop live streaming and were then kicked out of the building.

Any sort of convention always has rules regarding livestreaming, and if the rules aren’t followed, your time in the venue will end quickly.

On February 19, Twitch streamer Nymn made a trip to Malmo, Sweden, for Nordic Fuzz Con, also known as Furovision 2020. At the venue, he and his companion took in the sights, spoke to a couple of attendees, and recorded it all on stream.

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However, less than an hour into their stream, they were flagged down by a couple of convention staff members, and one abruptly told Nymn to turn the stream off, which he did.

The staff member who told him to cut the stream was actually the person who spoke to the duo earlier, when he wanted to confirm their ID badges when he saw they were filming. Evidently, he was unaware that it was a livestream and not just a recording.

The stream cut to black and was muted for approximately seven minutes, before it resumed showing Nymn and his friend Yabbe walking outside away from the venue.

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“Basically, you got me kicked out of the best convention ever!” Yabbe exclaimed. Nymn replied saying he should have done more research on the rules of the convention, and on whether the attendees will be comfortable with streaming.

“We’re not ‘kicked out’ as in they didn’t take our badges or anything, but we can’t stream from the convention,” he revealed to his chat. “We’re gonna see if we can work out a deal [with the convention], but I wouldn’t count on it.”

Nymn seems to believe that the behavior of his chat might have been responsible for the sudden boot from the venue, and spoke candidly to his viewers about how he views their behavior.

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“Some of the people in the Twitch chat were not being very friendly. So I can understand, if you’re into this stuff, if you see someone streaming and you check out their stream and the only thing you see in chat is negativity, you’d think ‘yeah I’d probably want them out of the convention’ as well.”

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Nymn also lamented at paying for $200 for weekend passes for the two of them, but continued his IRL stream for the next few hours.

There’s no indication yet of if he will return for another day of Furovision, or whether he will be streaming it or not.

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