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Twitch streamer left in awe of 8-year-old’s incredible beatboxing skills

Published: 12/Feb/2020 5:03 Updated: 12/Feb/2020 5:05

by Andrew Amos


Twitch streamer ‘Retrora’ was stunned by a kid prodigy’s insane beatboxing skills, jamming along to the 8-year-old’s amazing tune.

Beatboxing, for the uninitiated, is a musical performance that involves the use of only your mouth, mimicking instruments instead of just out-right singing. While it seems simple in concept, it’s a lot harder to pull off well in practice.

That’s what makes this performance during a Twitch talent show so much better. Getting some performers on his channel to call in and give it what they’ve got, Just Chatting streamer Retrora was left in awe by one kid, who said he was eight, smashing out a beatboxing tune for the ages.

“Hey man, I hear you want to beatbox for us,” the streamer said, edging the kid to get the show on the road. “Go ahead, I’m down to listen.”

While Retrora was expecting a decent performance, he got a lot more than he bargained for. The beatboxing the kid was able to produce was expertly made, with a whole variety of sounds from various genres of music intertwining into one.

The streamer couldn’t help but dance along, getting into the groove of the 40-second stint by his guest. While the performance was halted after the verse was over with a quick “that’s all I’ve got,” Retrora had nothing but nice words to say.

“I appreciate you doing that,” he said. “That’s really great what you did. I’ve gotta say I approve, it sounded really good.”

He also had some parting motivation for the performer to keep on improving his craft in the case he cracks it big on another Twitch talent show.

“I’m proud of you. Keep doing what you are doing, you are going to do some fantastic things,” he continued in encouragement.

Twitch: Retrora
Retrora couldn’t help but dance along to the beatboxing.

With skills like that, the kid prodigy could be right at home on the Rajj Talent Show or any other of those Twitch judging streams. If he is actually eight as well, he could have a fair shot at taking his talents to the likes of America’s Got Talent.

What matters most is that Retrora enjoyed the kid’s dig, and he got stuck in, gave it a crack, and showed off a stunning musical skill not many people could ever dream of replicating in their lives.


Who is Granny? The rising Twitch star who streams as a grandma

Published: 26/Nov/2020 23:45 Updated: 26/Nov/2020 23:46

by Michael Gwilliam


Twitch is home to some pretty outlandish personalities, but none may be as unique as the rising streamer known only as Granny.

Dressed in a bright white wig, oversized glasses, and attire that you could have sworn you’ve seen the elderly wear, Granny takes the character to the extreme.

If you thought the outfit or persona was the limit of the character, think again. Just like how Dr Disrespect streams from his legendary “arena,” Granny has her own broadcast center of sorts.

From Granny’s house to Twitch

Her streams begin, amusingly enough, with an old house in a green meadow surrounded by rainbows, flowers and chirping birds.

Twitch streamer Granny begins a broadcast.
Granny begins her streams in a pink house surrounded by rainbows.

After introducing herself, talking to viewers from inside the big pink home that looks like it’s ripped from either Lord of the Rings or Teletubbies, the gameplay kicks off.

What makes Granny’s choice of games so hilarious is that she’s made a habit of streaming titles such as Dead by Daylight, which are the complete opposite of the happy-go-lucky nature of the intro.

Fans are absolutely loving it. Since starting the stream, Granny has amassed nearly 30,000 followers and is growing on other platforms such as YouTube.

Climbing the Twitch ranks

Speaking with Dexerto, the entertainer refused to break character, further, cementing the concept that this was a grandma streaming on the Amazon-owned platform.

Granny claims it all began when she was working for a finance firm in New York City for three years and was beginning to feel worn out.

“Right around that time, Red Dead Redemption 2 came out and I found a huge comfort being immersed in that world while I took time to recover and figure out my next steps,” the streamer explained.

“When Red Dead Online was released I started to make friends on the proximity voice chat and they told me I should try my hand at streaming. In February 2019 I moved to New Zealand to go all-in on starting a Twitch channel, and I couldn’t be happier with my decision.”

That said, she does have plans to return to New York at some point in 2021, so fans should be sure to be on the lookout for that.

While the climb up the Twitch ranks has been a journey since it first began in January of 2019, the streamer does have a few favorite moments.


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“A couple of exciting milestones along the way have been Trixie Mattel and TPAIN discovering the stream,” she happily noted. “They love joining in now and again to help repair the ice cream machines in Dead By Daylight.”

Going into 2021, Granny is definitely going to be one of the streamers to watch out for, especially if she continues to get noticed by some larger members of the community.