IRL streamer saves another woman getting harassed by drunk men in Tokyo

by Andrew Amos


IRL Twitch streamer ‘robcdee’ has once again helped a woman in the Shibuya district of Tokyo, alerting police to a group of drunk men harassing her while she was unconscious.

Australian streamer robcdee has become somewhat of an angel of Shibuya. The IRL streamer often walks around the streets around the Tokyo district, finding himself helping drunk or distressed people get home after a night out.

This can be especially handy given Japan’s culture of constantly approaching women on the streets in an attempt to get a date.


During his February 11 livestream, robcdee was wandering around the bustling district. As people were stumbling out of bars, some found themselves face-first on the street, blacked out from a hard night of drinking.

The streamer came across one woman who looked to be in a sticky situation with three men crowding around her as she laid motionless on the road.

Instead of walking away, robcdee managed to get the attention of two police officers, directing them to the group of men down the alleyway harassing the girl.


As they approached, the bystanders turned sheepish, before floundering a bit when the police asked if they knew the girl.

The group of three quickly left after the cops rolled through, with the police helping the girl find a safe place to rest. Robcdee quickly departed the scene afterwards to continue his adventures around Tokyo, just as the city was starting to shut up shop for the night.

Robcdee has become all too used to being a night watchman in the Shibuya district, often finding himself in the right place to help others in sticky situations.

Twitch: robcdee
Robcdee managed to get the attention of police to help the woman laying on the street.


Just the night before on February 10, the IRL streamer helped a woman get away from a stalker by saying he was her friend. The woman broke down after the stalker walked away, thanking the streamer for being there at the right time.

While this woman couldn’t give Rob the same gratitude back, at least the IRL streamer can take solace in the fact that he knows she’s safe and that’s all he could ask for.