Streamers cat accidentally causes nip slip during Twitch stream

by Daniel Cleary


Twitch Streamer PrincessDee has had a NSFW mishap while streaming, which was caused by none other than her pet cat.

Twitch are usually quick to shut down any violations of their terms of service and have issued bans in the past for accidental slip-ups by streamers.

One Twitch streamer, PrincessDee, who was livestreaming under the “Just Chatting” category found herself in a similar position when showing her viewers her pet cat on stream.

PrincessDee Twitch
PrincessDee Twitch
PrincessDee struggling with her cat during her stream.

PrincessDee was chatting with her followers when she decided to pick up her cat and hold her up for her viewers to properly see. Ironically, she then told her viewers that her cat hates her while struggling to give her affection in front of the stream, saying “She hates me so much, no I’m loving you.”

It was the cat’s struggle to be let down that caused the nip-slip, as she kicked out while being held by PrincessDee, which moved her top enough to expose the streamer.

PrincessDee had realized right away what had happened and was speechless for a moment after letting the cat down, and could only smile to herself about what had just occurred.

*Warning: Clip is NSFW.

It remains to be seen if PrincessDee will receive a ban on Twitch for this accidental slip up on stream, but Twitch should be able to see just how accidental this incident was.

Although Twitch moderators can be quite strict, there are times where they have been lenient, such as when it is clear that the situation which has broken the Terms of Service was an accident, and that the streamer made their best attempts to move on.

PrincessDee’s broadcast featuring the NSFW moment has since been deleted from her channel.