Twitch streamer goes viral after crazy Guitar Hero ghost pepper eating challenge

Lawrence Scotti
pepper jared

Twitch streamer CarnyJared ate a ghost pepper and attempted to play Through the Fire and Flames in Guitar Hero as the heat took over, ending in a lot of milk and a lot of pain.

Streamers have continued to push the limits of difficulty in the challenges they’re willing to take on.

In early September, one streamer took things to a new level during a subathon event she was hosting, when she decided to paint a portrait of xQc using the tip of her nose.

While that certainly was strange, we have a slightly more painful and insane clip involving Guitar Hero, a ghost pepper, and lots and lots of milk.

Through the Fire and Flames is one of the hardest songs in all of Guitar Hero.

Guitar hero ghost pepper challenge

Twitch streamer CarnyJared, an avid Guitar Hero streamer who usually streams a fan-modded version of the game called Clone Hero, decided to eat a ghost pepper on stream.

Eating the ghost pepper wasn’t enough though, as Jared decided to up the ante and attempted to play the incredibly difficult song Through the Fire and Flames while suffering through the pain of the pepper. Jared, fighting through the heat, douses himself in milk shouting, “Oh My God!”

Jared let out a faint “more…” as he sipped down more milk, face turning increasingly red from the pepper.

The pain becomes so bad that Jared turns to ice cream saying, “Brother, I’m dying right now. This is so hot. F***K! The milk makes it a little better. Give me that ice cream.”

Thankfully all that dairy saved him as washing down the pepper with the milk and ice cream combo helped ease the pain.

Picking Through the Fire and Flames as his song of choice to play couldn’t have been more appropriate.