Twitch streamer goes viral after painting perfect xQc portrait with her nose - Dexerto

Twitch streamer goes viral after painting perfect xQc portrait with her nose

Published: 25/Sep/2021 21:52 Updated: 1/Oct/2021 10:38

by Lawrence Scotti


Twitch streamer ‘poopernoodle’ held a subathon during which she made a striking tribute to xQc – painting an excellent portrait of the Canadian, using only her nose.

Bizarre as it is, xQc fans often joke about his nose, often dubbed his ‘schnozer’, so this was the perfect way to pay tribute really.

Here, we have a streamer who put her artistic skills to the canvas with a striking recreation of xQc using one of the strangest tools: her nose.

Twitch: xQc
xQc is a former Overwatch-pro turned star Twitch streamer.

xQc painting tribute

Streamer Poopernoodle was hosting a subathon on Twitch when she decided to paint a picture of xQc using her nose. The portrait actually came out looking fairly accurate, using an old picture of the former Overwatch pro and his Coconut Head style bowl-cut.


As unflattering as the source material may have been, she nailed the look, flexing her artistic skills along the way. Painting on canvas is already an incredibly hard task, but using your nose as the brush? That is pure talent.

The stream devolved into more chaos, with noodle eventually painting her face as a lobster.

Here, you can see the final version of the xQc painting with some nice grey touches thrown in, which he would appreciate.

pooper xqc Poopernoodle transforming into a sea creature.

The subathon stream is still ongoing, and has been given a boost poopernoodle’s xQc portrait went viral, perfectly capturing the star.

Her creation also got a lot of praise on social media, where she posted “I painted the juicer using only my schnozer Nose (my nose is very sore now).”


You can also check out a timelapse of the creation in the video above, showing how it came together.