Twitch streamer Schlatt gets instant karma in Truck Simulator after blasting bad drivers

Twitch stream Schlatt talking to chat during livestreamTwitch: Schlatt

Twitch viewers were left in hysterics after streamer ‘Schlatt’ crashed his vehicle in Truck Simulator after having a huge rant about irresponsible drivers.

While they have no problem creating great content for their streams, some Twitch streamers have been ousted for their ‘reckless’ driving abilities on the roads.

Just some of these instances include when an IRL streamer crashed her scooter live on camera as she drove through the streets of Istanbul. Some creators have even been banned from Twitch for their poor driving.

Thankfully, Schlatt was just driving through the virtually world of Truck Simulator when he suddenly lost control of his vehicle after having blamed “drunk crashers” for making the roads unsafe.

Schlatt slams “drunk drivers” during Truck Simulator

Twitch streamer Schlatt, who has 1.9 million followers on the platform, was having a tipsy game of Trucking Simulator during his stream on September 8.

Speaking to a fan in his chat, Schlatt said: “It’s like I always say, David- it’s the drunk crashers that get us in trouble. They give us a bad rep. I can drive perfectly you guys are seeing this. It’s always the drunk drivers who can’t understand what’s going on.”

However, in a perfectly timed moment, Schlatt started to lose control of his truck after another vehicle pulled up in front of him unexpectedly. Realising his mistake, he started to scream.

After recovering from the incident, he admitted: “Maybe drunk driving isn’t the best way to do things everybody.”

It’s unlikely that Schlatt will receive a ban for the moment given how it was just a game. However, Twitch has had to take some strict actions against streamers for their reckless driving and for subsequently breaching its Terms of Service over law-breaking live on stream.

As for Schlatt, he continued to enjoy a moderately less stressful playthrough of Truck simulator for the rest of his stream.