Twitch streamer forgets how to drink water and gets soaked

twitch streamerYouTube: AmityAven

Twitch streamer AmityAven soaked herself after briefly forgetting how to drink from a water bottle.

People have brain fart moments all the time, but rarely are these unfortunate moments broadcasted to a massive live audience.

AmityAven is a streamer and YouTuber who had one of these brain farts caught live on stream, and although the brain fart moment was hilarious and made her look silly, it did help her channel go viral in the process.

Twitch streamer gets soaked on accident

Amity was live on September 29 during a birthday broadcast when she jokingly turned the streamer into an ASMR show. ASMR has become one of the biggest categories on Twitch, with tons of new creators popping up in the category each day.

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She crinkled a water bottle, and straw paper, and flicked a lighter all super close to the mic, mimicking what an actual ASMR stream would be.

She then put the straw into a bottle of water and went to go take a sip when she blew water into the bottle instead of sucking it out, soaking herself and her chair in water.

Her Twitch chat exploded with laughter as the streamer quickly reached for paper towels to dry herself off.

One viewer said, “Well if it isn’t the consequences of my own actions!”

Another said, “This is cinema!”

Although the ASMR broadcast didn’t go exactly as planned, once Amity realizes you need to suck in the straw to get water, she’ll be completely prepared for a career as an ASMR streamer.

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