YouTuber turns Pokemon card pack openings into ASMR and fans love it

youtuber with pokemon cardsYouTube, Rainessa ASMR

A YouTube content creator has fused together two of the most popular concepts on the platform, with a surprising crossover between Pokemon TCG and ASMR.

For those who aren’t aware, ASMR – autonomic sensory meridian response – is a tingling sensation some people experience when listening to some types of audio. Examples would include whispering or quiet movements.

Many Twitch streamers and YouTube creators have been using this type of content to capitalize on viral ASMR trends, growing their audience in the process.

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Others open Pokemon cards in front of the camera… But this YouTuber has decided to do both at the same time.

ASMR YouTuber taps into Pokemon card hype

Rainessa ASMR has over 19,000 subscribers on the video-sharing platform, posting regularly for her audience.

Previous uploads have seen her do ASMR for gaming sessions on Pokemon Diamond, as well as a pack opening video for the Radiant Eevee Collection TCG set.

On August 24, she took another dive into the card game, showing off her collection.

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Rainessa said, “In tonight’s video, we will be looking through and organizing my Pokemon TCG Collection Binder! I hope that you will find this video comforting, relaxing, and enjoyable!”

The comments section was packed with overwhelmingly positive feedback for Rainessa.

One said, “I always find it so interesting to see other people’s pokemon card collection and I love the sound of cards. Thank you so much for this video!”

A second person replied, “Just stumbled across your channel and it is so relaxing. You have a real talent for it.”

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Another posted, “Rainessa back at it again with the bangers! You saving my nights for real!”

This isn’t the first time Rainessa has delved into trading card ASMR videos and based on the reactions to this one, there will be even more to come in the future.

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