Twitch streamer Erobb "exposes" why Greekgodx is so "toxic" on stream - Dexerto

Twitch streamer Erobb “exposes” why Greekgodx is so “toxic” on stream

Published: 28/Apr/2019 6:52 Updated: 28/Apr/2019 8:47

by Joe Craven


Popular Twitch personality Eric ‘Erobb’ Robbins has “exposed” fellow content creator Dimitri ‘Greekgodx’ Antonatos while streaming on April 27, claiming that he is very different off stream compared with how he acts on stream. 

Who are Erobb and Greekgodx?

Erobb is the younger brother of popular League of Legends streamer ‘Tyler1’, but boasts his own impressive audience, with over 100,000 followers on Twitch. He regularly broadcasts IRL streams and recently called out Twitch for its alleged double-standards.


Greekgodx is a British streamer, with over 750,000 followers on Twitch. His audience regularly tune in for his IRL streams and reactions to YouTube videos. The two have been frequent collaborators for some time now, but Erobb called out Greekgodx for being entirely different when broadcasting than when offline. 

Twitch: Tyler1Erobb has previously appeared with his brother Tyler1 on stream.

Erobb explains why Greekgodx is so ‘different’ on stream

The two were streaming on April 27, when Erobb stopped the normal flow of his stream to have serious words with Greekgodx. “You are so much different off stream now dude,” started Erobb.


“I’m gonna expose you,” he continued. “You are so wholesome off stream, but on stream you’re a fucking dick now. You know what I think it is? It’s your chat bro, they changed you. Your chat is so toxic towards you, and I think it puts you in a bad mood.”

Greek’s Twitch chat is known for regularly poking fun at the streamer, often regarding his weight. Twitch chats also tend to have moderators, who determine what constitute appropriate comments and ban people accordingly, but Greek’s Twitch chat has no moderators.

“You know why I’m always so happy?” asked Erobb. “Because my chat loves me and they’re wholesome towards me. And I go in your chat and they’re just shitting on you the whole stream. Off stream you don’t have to deal with them and you’re happy.”


In response, Greek can be heard agreeing with Erobb, as it seems that he appreciates his friend’s honesty.

There was a mixed reaction from viewers, as one Reddit user stated that they disagree, and that “Greek is an adult and he makes his own conscious decisions. Anyone blaming his chat for whenever he acts toxic is cutting him too much slack.” However, others sided with Greekgodx, and suggested that his Twitch chat is at least partially to blame for the streamer’s alleged toxicity.


Barstool owner Dave Portnoy reveals they’re 99.9% leaving SiriusXM

Published: 7/Oct/2020 20:10 Updated: 7/Oct/2020 20:14

by Michael Gwilliam


Barstool Sports’ Dave Portnoy has appeared to confirm that the popular website’s SiriusXM channel will be moving on satellite radio, claiming he was “99%” sure they were leaving.

The satirical sports website announced its SiriusXM channel back in November of 2017 and launched a few months later in January 2018.


Now, however, it seems like the deal is done and so is Barstool.

Dave Portnoy, Barstool Sports’ founder took to Twitter to announce that it was looking extremely unlikely that the channel would continue on SiriusXM.


“I’d say we’re 99.9% out of Sirius,” he revealed. “We aren’t in same stratosphere in terms of negotiations.”

“We will just move on to new platforms as always. Our crowd will follow as always,” the Barstool founder added.

It’s unclear exactly where they will move to and Portnoy, who has grown increasingly famous over the years in part to his viral pizza reviews, offered no clues.

Dave Portnoy eats pizza for a review
YouTube/One Bite Pizza Reviews
Dave Portnoy’s pizza reviews have gone viral.

One possible destination spot could very well be Spotify, which shocked the industry by signing Joe Rogan and his podcast to an exclusive deal.

While Portnoy didn’t elaborate on the type of deal he would like, it sounds like he’s being severely low-balled by the satellite radio company, hence his aggressive-sounding tweet.

This news comes as Bloomberg has reported that Howard Stern is nearing a massive $120M a year deal – a step above from his previous deals at $80 to $100 million a year.


If those reports are right, it’s a sign that Sirius XM is willing to pay some serious cash, but apparently not when it comes to keeping Barstool within its network.

“See this is why I can’t work for peanuts,” Portnoy said in response to the Stern report. “I’m not Stern. But I’m not nobody either.”


We’ll just have to see what the future holds for both SiriusXM and Barstool, and if a deal can be salvaged.