Twitch streamer drops impeccable freestyle rap with lyrics from his chat - Dexerto

Twitch streamer drops impeccable freestyle rap with lyrics from his chat

Published: 10/Dec/2019 6:04

by Brad Norton


One of Twitch‘s rising music stars, ‘Insomniac_rap,’ has shown off his impeccable freestyle rap, fusing quick-wit with his chat’s rapid-fire suggestions to create some of the most engaging moments on the streaming website.

Twitch streamers are often thinking of new ways to push the boundaries and stand out among the pack on such a crowded platform. From Mukbang to ASMR, there’s never any shortage of niche segments rising in popularity. 

One streamer has taken it upon himself to spread his incredible flow with the Twitch community by constantly thinking on his feet and adapting to any given rhyme that his viewers might throw at him.


Twitch: Insomniac_rapNever short on inspiration, this streamer often creates specific themes for his chat to focus on.
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Throughout a December 9 broadcast, the streamer set a smooth beat on repeat and started to come with the quick heat. It didn’t take long before he was comparing his innovation to that of some of the biggest names in hip hop history. 

“I’m unstoppable and flapping my tongue, or maybe just my gums, or it’s guns,” he started. “Let me change the ‘m’ to the ‘n’ then I’ll tell some of the people that say I resemble Eminem, I say yeah I’m kinda like that but even better at the improvised rap. Then I see ‘em writing Kanye in my chat…”


Regardless of the beat or the topic thrown at him, ‘Insomniac_rap’ finds a way to seamlessly mesh it all together and create a memorable moment for his fans.

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Having focused on his rhymes “for over 20 years,” the streamer figured the time was ripe to bring his talents to the world of Twitch and no matter how ridiculous a suggestion may be, nothing appears off-limits for his creative hobby.

“P**nHub categories?” he questioned, adjusting the pitch and speed of his delivery in order to keep up with the beat. “That’s kinda sad and of course we’ll be steering clear of that…How bad could it be? I get rid of that from my chat with speed.”


With viewers often trying to find a subject or phrase that catches him off-guard, the streamer always finds a way to navigate through the topics quickly, rarely ever faltering on-stream. “We can weave in some mitochondria, I think about it all night, insomnia,” he concluded, linking back to his own brand.

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Certainly one of the most unique channels on Twitch today, there’s no denying this streamer might have found the single most entertaining manner in which to engage with viewers. 

With over 5,000 followers to date, it’s evident that he’s a streamer on the rise and impressive clips of this nature could be just the beginning to catapulting him on the front-page of Twitch.