Escape from Tarkov streamer denies using cheats despite knowing how to use them

Matt Porter

A Twitch streamer has publically stated that he does not use cheats while playing Escape from Tarkov, but viewers remain convinced he does after he revealed some precise knowledge about the cheats in question.

The streamer, who goes by the name Kablamo, was first accused of cheating on Wednesday, June 5, when a six-minute video of his Escape from Tarkov gameplay was posted on the /r/LivestreamFail subreddit.

In the clips, collected by /u/haha-lol-xd, the streamer’s crosshairs can be seen speeding across the screen in less than one frame, as it locks on to the position of an enemy player who is behind a wall.

An Escape from Tarkov was accused of cheating on June 5.

Throughout the video, Kablamo snaps onto enemy players, hitting headshot after headshot with his rifle as he takes down opponents.

The streamer speaks the whole way through his killing spree, insinuating that he can hear players before he destroys them – including one instance where he claims to have heard footsteps from an enemy who appears to be away from their keyboard when he eventually finds them.

Many who saw the clip on Reddit called Kablamo out, prompting him to respond on his stream by claiming he wasn’t cheating, before revealing some oddly specific information about the cheats people use in Escape from Tarkov.

“Of course I’m not cheating,” the streamer told his viewers. “Tarkov has an anti-cheat, don’t get me wrong, it’s a good anti-cheat. People use Chod’s heats and AimJunkies, they get banned real fucking fast. I’m pretty sure the new cheat that people are using is MaverickCheats, and it’s $5 for a month.”

Kablamo’s knowledge of Escape from Tarkov cheats immediately raised even more suspicion, with some going as far as to find his Steam account, which has a number of VAC bans – although he has now made his profile private.

Of course, just because he has knowledge of cheats doesn’t specifically mean he was cheating, as some have pointed out that cheats are a hot topic among Escape from Tarkov fans, so it’s possible he was aware of the cheats without using them.

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