Twitch streamer can’t believe he’s received Bitcoin donation worth $73,000

Published: 11/Jan/2019 17:32 Updated: 11/Jan/2019 17:55

by Matt Porter


Massive Twitch donations are becoming more and more common, but it’s rare you see a streamer receive a huge donation in the form of cryptocurrency.

Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum are a digital currency that use encryption techniques to regulate the creation of new units of the currency.


People can buy BitCoins and other cryptocurrencies using real money, and in recent years they have been used to make purchases from online vendors, while some streamers accept them as donations.

Runescape streamer Sick_Nerd was streaming on Friday, January 11 when he received a huge donation of Bitcoin from a viewer worth $12,000.


The Brit was clearly shocked, staring in disbelief at his screen, asking “What?” as he read what the fan had donated. “Is that real? Nah, that can’t be real!”


The viewer went on to donate even more, with Sick_Nerd eventually totalling up the various donations to find the final amount. “I’ve been donated 20 Bitcoin today,” the streamer told his chat. “20 multiplied by 3180 equals 63,600 Euros. When converted to dollars, that’s $73,000. Is this an elaborate meme?”


This isn’t the first time this week that a streamer has received a massive donation from a fan. On Thursday, January 10, Exotic Chaotic received a Twitch record $75,000 donation from fellow Fortnite pro KingMascot.

Sick_Nerd has since posted on Twitter thanking the “mysterious benefactor” who made the decision, saying: “Thank you, whoever you are. Genuinely a life changing amount of money that I or nobody deserves.”