Twitch streamer avoids catastrophe near electrical explosion

Lawrence Scotti. Last updated: Oct 08, 2021
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A loud electrical explosion went off near IRL Twitch streamer justketh during a live broadcast, causing a scary moment while she was out and about in Bangkok, Thailand.

Justketh is a popular Thai and French streamer known for their adventurous IRL streams, often walking around cities, eating at various restaurants, and interacting with her chat.

While live in Bangkok, Keth was waiting out the rain when a sudden explosion on the street caused her to panic.

Keth was startled by an explosion on the streets of Bangkok.

Twitch streamer near an electrical explosion

How the burst occurred is a mystery, but it looks like the rain created a sparking discharge with a sudden and loud noise, startling her in the process.

She reacted to the bang saying, “Ah! I’m scared. Oh my God! Is that lightning?! Or is it a bomb?”

Keth had her back to the street when it happened, causing her some brief panic as she couldn’t see what was happening. One commenter on a Reddit thread for the clip provided their expert analysis and said, “Electrical engineer here, that’s not good.”

Luckily, she wasn’t harmed by the blast, and was only shaken up a bit. Since the downpour in Bangkok was harsh, she had wait it out in the very spot next to the explosion.

Eventually, the rain subsided and she was able to carry on with her day as planned.

This is the second unsettling streamer story that we’ve covered from Bangkok on Twitch, when a streamer was taking public transit in the city and was harassed by a man who was furious about being filmed in the background.