Twitch streamer Aris explains why he uses a controller over a mouse and keyboard

Paul Cot

The debate about mouse and keyboard vs controller has been around since consoles existed but Twitch streamer Aris has one of the most unique takes yet as to why he prefers to use a controller.

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While many prefer to use a mouse and keyboard while playing PC games, Aris bucks the trend entirely by using a controller when playing titles like Doom 3 or GTA 5.

While streaming id Software’s FPS title on Tuesday, August 13, a member of his chat asked him why he prefers the joypad over the mouse, with the streamer giving an incredible answer to the viewer’s query.

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Scuf Gaming
Controllers are even being made in an attempt bridge the gap between the competitive gap…

“I don’t use mouse and keyboard intentionally due to its direct connection to working. I’m so against working and having a job that I refuse to use those peripherals for fun,” the American explained. “They’re so closely tied to sadness (laughing).” Aris elaborated further saying: “I can’t bring myself to combine them with the concept of fun.”

After a calm and fairly reasonable explanation, he finished by sarcastically saying to enjoy using “that mouse and keyboard” before insulting the viewer with a few expletives.

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AvoidThePuddle has been known to do things a little differently with one example being opting to camp an entire match of Blackout – something which nobody does in the high-octane battle royale game.

MKB vs controller

Few gamers will argue that using a keyboard and mouse provides a distinct advantage, at least in a competitive sense. The difference is clear and results in even the best console players being, for the most part, unable to compete with the best PC players.

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It’s the reason why aim assist is a feature used on console shooters and not PC. Due to the difference there has also been discussions about whether using a mouse and keyboard on console is cheating.

The debate between MKB and controllers will continue with both sides having their own arguments as to why they use each and whether they should be allowed in the same game. Aris though, at least provided one of the more unique takes to date.