Aris Hits Back at PewDiePie Fans After Being Shown in Handshake Cringe Video

Tekken commentator and streamer Aris ‘AvoidingThePuddle’ was a bit annoyed at the response from his feature in one of Pewdiepie’s videos.

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Felix ‘Pewdiepie’ Kjellberg, known as ‘The King of YouTube’ for having the greatest amount of subscribers on the platform, uploaded a video dissecting handshake blunders in the esports realm.

One of the clips used in his video featured a VOD from Headstomper 2018, a fighting game tournament in Denmark.

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In the VOD, Tekken 7 pro UYU | Fergus had an awkward hug with fellow player 200K | Signor Farfalla. Aris, known for his commentary for the game and entertaining streams, commentated over the clip.

“That is absurd, dude! That is the most fucked up mix-up I’ve ever seen, and he was not even ready.”

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While Pewdiepie found Aris’s reaction amusing, he also expressed some confusion as to who he was.

“Wait – is this Hagrid? Why is Hagrid commenting over handshakes?”

The fighting game community took notice of Aris’s presence in the video and made sure to tell him about it during one of his streams. Aris was over it, and in his usual blunt honesty told one commenter what he thought about the near-constant barrage over the debacle.

“Do you not realize that I’ve been streaming for hours and every nine-year-old bitch on the internet has been repeating that same stupid shit to me all day? …My whole Twitter is filled with Pewdiepie fans. You are one dumb motherfucker.”

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Quite a few clips from the fighting game community were featured in the compilation, including RISE | Smug’s Top 8 match against GHOST | NuckleDu at CEO 2017.

Pewdiepie’s video has since been removed, but copies of it exist across the platform under other channels.