Twitch streamer AvoidThePuddle provides hilarious explanation of camping on Blackout

There are not many streamers who would put their stream live, hop into a game of Blackout, and disregard high octane offensive gameplay for some old fashioned camping techniques.

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However, Twitch streamer Aris Bakhtanians, known as AvoidThePuddle did exactly that in a recent game, when he jumped into a game of Call of Duty’s new battle royale mode and decided to sit in a corner and hide.

Rather than finding it boring, Aris found the experience invigorating, and went on a priceless rant about why he enjoyed camping so much.

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“That was fun,” stated the American. “I love camping, it’s like the most exciting thing you can do!”

“Looking at that door, listening to everything happening outside, imagining what what’s going on out there but knowing that you don’t want anything to do with it!

“I want to know what’s going on out there, but not enough to open this door. So I’ll just listen and watch that number of people go down. Woo, that shit is hype,” laughed the former Soul Caliber World Champion.

Aris continued to think about the positives of camping, telling his chat: “You hear gunshots outside, number goes down. Like, damn! That could’ve been me! I’m in here though so I’m safe. Man, that shit is hype!”

Blackout has already provided fans of popular streamers some hilarious moments. Recently, Ninja fell through the map thanks to some questionable driving by Shroud, while Seagull got unfortunately crushed by a falling loot crate.