Twitch finally begins rolling out new ad-free Channel Switcher

Dylan Horetski
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Twitch has finally begun rolling out its new ad-free browsing layout to more users, giving them the ability to select a stream without sitting through ads on each channel.

Back in June 2022, Twitch began rolling out a new layout for their ‘browse’ section on the popular site.

Allowing viewers to switch through channels ad-free, it was met with controversy as many shared their distaste for the design.

Almost a year later, the purple app has implemented various improvements and finally began rolling out the Channel Switcher to more users.

Twitch finally rolls out new ad-free stream browser

Twitch revealed the news in a tweet on May 22, alongside a video showing off the new features.

“Last year, we experimented with a Channel Switcher to provide a convenient and ad-free way to browse and discover new streams,” they said. “We’ve worked on several community-suggested improvements and are rolling it out to a percentage of users.”

In the replies, they listed a few of the Channel Switchers’ new improvements and features.

The new options include two different layouts, the ability to disable video preview, as well as the ability to preview and look through clips in the category you’re looking at.

Users can even directly join streams from clip previews if that creator is live.

Twitch didn’t specify how many creators will receive the new feature in the coming days, presumably leaving it a bit open-ended as they receive more feedback.

Fans of the platform quickly shared their thoughts on the new feature, with many mentioning that they’re excited to see the Channel Switcher roll out to the entire website.

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