Twitch fans shocked as attempted robbery at popular game store caught on stream

. 1 month ago
Pink Gorilla Gaming Store owner Cody in front of his goods
YouTube: Pink Gorilla Gaming

A would-be robbery at Pink Gorilla Gaming, an American game store known for their Twitch streams, has been stopped with the theft being intercepted by the owner. The entire event was caught live on stream. 

Brick-and-mortar stores have been feeling the crunch of online sale domination for a while now. This, in combination with a reticence of the purchasing public to head out into the real world to buy goods means a number of business have turned to unique ways to attract their audience.

Pink Gorilla Gaming is one such store, with owner Cody frequently streaming gameplay and the store during opening hours on his Twitch account ‘DSKoopa’.

The 76,000 followers of the account were given an unreal sight on May 31 as Cody caught a blatant attempt at robbery on-camera.

In the video you can see in the background of the store an unidentified man prying open a class cabinet. As he does so it makes a loud screeching sound.

Yelling ‘Woah,’ the owner legs it out of the store in pursuit of the thief. Customers perusing the store were left standing in silence.

As the stream continues Cody is eventually seen returning into the store brandishing all the goods the erstwhile thief attempted to nab. A pleased look is plastered across his face as he says: “Well, I got it back.”

A Nintendo switch, a limited edition Xbox One and the R2D2 Xbox 360 were all taken out of the glass cabinet with a combined value of $750.

Taking about it later in stream, Cody says: “Looking back at the clip, you can see my brain not quite realizing what’s actually happening. I go from a quick jog to a sprint at the end when it all clicks.”

Perhaps the strangest outcome of the video is watching the rest of stream at the Pink Gorilla Gaming store continue as normal. Theft dealt with, goods returned, and everyone just continued on with their lives.

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