TikToker goes viral after revealing terrifying robbery setup at Vrbo rental


TikToker @callie.bryant has alleged that she was set up to be robbed after renting a home for a bachelorette party in Austin, Texas.

TikToker Callie Bryant is going viral after sharing a video showing her friends “emergency evacuating” a bachelorette house party, which she had booked on Vrbo, an online marketplace for house rentals.

Bryant said that her group had decided to evacuate to a hotel in the middle of the night after noticing that the doors to her room didn’t lock and the room’s alarm system failed to work.

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The now-viral TikToker said the rental owner failed to respond when Bryant’s group reached out, and that the Vrbo listing has vanished off the site.

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TikToker goes viral for bachelorette house party evacuation

On Saturday, March 2, 2022, Bryant uploaded a clip of the chilling moment, captioning the video: “We realized we were being set up to be robbed and/or worse.”

In a four-part storytime saga, Bryant revealed that she and a friend booked the room for a bachelorette party. At the time of booking, the home had around 20 reviews, with none of them showing off any red flags, Bryant noted.

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“You need to listen to your intuition,” Bryant said. “Do what you have to do because it’s not worth putting your safety at risk.”

Bryant’s allegations have prompted viewers to respond with various perspectives.

“I literally had police show up in the middle of the night to ours looking for the owner… They told us it wasn’t safe to be there lol,” one user wrote.

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“My husband is a cop and this happened to a group of girls in LA. Got robbed and their car was stolen. Glad you guys left before anything happened!” another TikToker stated.

“Every day I learn a new reason that I should be terrified every time I leave my house,” another commenter said.

Bryant’s horrific experience comes just weeks after another TikToker revealed that her ex-boyfriend stole over $13,000 in cash.

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