TSM Viss wears Dr Disrespect cosplay during Twitch charity stream

TSM Viss redTSM Viss

Colton ‘Viss’ Visser dressed up in a Dr Disrespect cosplay on stream just one day after ZLaner was allegedly barred from Twitch Rivals over same cosplay.

After Dr Disrespect’s mysterious ban last year, it seems Twitch hasn’t taken too kindly to him or his likeness being promoted on the streaming platform.

On July 20, popular Warzone streamer ZLaner dressed up in a Doc outfit. Right before the Twitch Rivals tournament, he was supposed to participate in kicked off, he was barred from playing.

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Many believe it had to do with the cosplay he wore, and it might not have helped that he is a known friend of the Two-Time as they occasionally stream together. Twitch did not give a reason as to why ZLaner was not able to compete, and blaming it on the cosplay is speculation.

On July 21 TSM streamer Viss, known for his Apex Legends prowess, took to Twitch in a Dr Disrespect cosplay and his fans loved it.

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Viss said that the cosplay is a “$30k charity incentive reward” for his stream. Many of the replies to his tweet promoting the stream love that he seems to be daring Twitch to take down a charity stream. One follower said on Twitter, “You are 100% going to get banned for this. Love it Viss.” Another got behind the cosplay by saying, “Brilliant this is what I want to see. People getting behind doc and not being afraid of the big bad wolf twitch.”

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Viss is also a long-time friend of Dr Disrespect, and they used to stream together before he was banned on the platform.

As of this post, Twitch has not responded to Viss’ stream or taken down his live Twitch channel. For now, Dr Vissrespect lives on.

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