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Dr Disrespect instantly regrets mocking aim tip from TSM Viss

Published: 16/Jul/2019 10:44 Updated: 16/Jul/2019 11:11

by Connor Bennett


Popular Twitch streamer Dr Disrespect was left red in the face after trying to mock his friend for making a tip video, before discovering that he didn’t even know about it. 

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When it comes to entertaining fans on Twitch, The Doc dominates by matching his top-level production with highly skilled gameplay.

Yet, things don’t always go his way. He’s shown an Fortnite Battle Royale, hilariously mocked the map layout in PlayerUnknown’s Battleground, and even raged at Apex Legends. However, all that fury could have been avoided if he just looked into his computer settings.


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G FUELThe Doc is one of the most popular faces on Twitch.

During his July 15 stream, The Doc had uncovered a video from one of his regular battle royale partners, Team SoloMid’s Viss. The clip showed Viss making a brief tutorial about improving aim in games – centering around switching off mouse acceleration.

The Two-Time quickly laughed this off as a video for newbies and even mocked his friend. “Come on Viss! Everyone knows this. Come on Viss, everyone knows to turn that off man,” he added. 

However, the tables quickly turned on The Doc when he opened up his mouse set-up for all of his viewers to see. Despite claiming he knew that mouse acceleration should be off, the streamer had left it on – leaving him red faced in front of thousands of loyal viewers as he sheepishly turned it off.


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After realizing that he’d made a major mistake, the Two-Time quickly cut to a commercial about Twitch Prime before getting ready for a game of Apex Legends.

Once he returned from that brief intermission, The Doc’s viewers continued to spam laughter in his chat about what had just unfolded, but he completely ignored and acted as nothing had even happened. 

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Of course, it didn’t affect the streamer’s performance in any way as he marched on through games of Apex Legends for the next four hours – snapping enemies with the trademark violence, speed and momentum. 


However, maybe next time he’ll be a little more wary of trying to laugh off helpful tips. Some of them are quite useful and not everybody knows about them.