TSM Myth hurts his viewers’ hearts by eating Twix the wrong way

Eli Becht

Twitch streamer and TSM member Ali ‘Myth‘ Kabbani showed his barbaric method of eating Twix and it made his viewers lose hope in the world.

Myth has been living a controversial life as of late as he just revealed that he doesn’t believe in shower curtain rings but instead decided that shoving the rod through the curtain was the proper way to hang it.

Instead of stopping there, he doubled down on the nonsense and showed the world that he doesn’t split Twix apart when he eats them but instead just munches on them together. We’re serious, just look at the madness in his video below. If you ever wanted to have the power to delete someone else’s tweet, this would be the time to use it.

One question: why?

As you can see, Myth shows no regard for human life, and it’s impossible to know what he has in store next. His sheer carelessness for other’s feelings just adds to the fact that he’s a cold, cold human being.

“Why are you always doing this to my favorite candy bars?” asked Team Liquid’s Adam ‘Strafe’sh0t’ Crawford. “Please don’t! This isn’t real!

Many of the replies to his initial tweet echo that sentiment, just asking him what he was thinking in making that decision.

Maybe Myth just doesn’t know how to eat the candy bar, which is possible, but we’re not buying it here.

With the shower rod blunder, it remains to be seen how much Myth is just legitimately unaware of in the world. He turned 20 in May, and still has a lot of growing up to do.

Obviously we’re kidding – we’ve all made mistakes after flying the nest for the first time. That’s just how adulting works.