TSM Myth hilariously reveals the hardships of adulting

Team SoloMid’s Ali ‘Myth‘ Kabbani might be a Fortnite pro, but that doesn’t mean he is a pro at everything – adult life included.

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We all know the struggle of finally flying the nest and stepping into adult life, and the first few months can be difficult while you adjust to no longer living at home with family.

TSM Myth posted a series of hilarious tweets on Twitter, detailing just how much he has left to learn about becoming a fully-fledged adult.

Instagram: tsm_mythTSM Myth is learning how to be an adult.
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“I can explain!”

The comical situation started when Myth tweeted about his house being too warm, saying, “It’s so hot in the house [right now] I dont know if I’ll stream or not [to be honest]. I’ll keep y’all posted,” to which Fortnite star Tyler ‘Ninja‘ Blevins replied: “Turn the air down.”

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Myth responded further with a photo of his thermostat settings, stating that the temperature “keeps going up.”

Counter-Strike Professional Players’ Association advisor Scott Smith then instructed the Fortnite pro to close vents in other rooms in order for the air flow to get colder in his desired room, and to also check his air filters for potential dust buildup.

“Theres literally so much little shit I’ve learned this past year,” Myth replied. “LIKE DID YOU KNOW YOU HAVE TO BUY SHOWER CURTAIN RINGS TO PUT THE CURTAIN ON THE POLE??? I JUST RAMMED THE CURTAIN THROUGH THE POLE.”

He then followed it up with a photo of said shower pole, which was indeed rammed through the curtain in hilarious fashion. This caused the internet to go into a perpetual a state of shock.

People were shocked

The offending picture was too much to handle for some, with recent 100 Thieves addition Jack ‘CouRage‘ Dunlop tweeting, “Dude WHAT HAHAHAHAHAH.”

“Courage this thing didnt come with instructions dude,” Myth replied, defending himself.

Streaming star Tim ‘TimTheTatman‘ Betar was confused by the offending picture, replying simply with a string of question marks.

“TIM I CAN EXPLAIN” Myth responded.

The situation is too funny, but in TSM Myth’s defense, we all have to start somewhere, whether it’s shoving a shower pole through the curtain or otherwise.