True Geordie Explains Why It’ll Be Good to Have Joe Weller Commentating the KSI vs Logan Paul Fight

Calum Patterson

YouTuber True Geordie, who is set to commentate the KSI vs Logan Paul boxing match, has revealed that Joe Weller will be his co-commentator, explaining the unique perspective he can bring.

On August 25, a host of popular YouTubers will take to the ring in the Manchester Arena, headlined by Deji vs Jake Paul and KSI vs Logan Paul.

The event is a follow up of sorts to last years bout between KSI and Joe Weller, two of the most popular British YouTubers who put on a sold out event which millions watched online.

Weller lost the fight, in fairly convincing fashion it must be said, but took the loss well and has been invited back this year – but not to get in the ring.

This time around, Weller will sit with True Geordie to commentate the proceedings, which will be invaluable insight for the viewers watching at home, as True Geordie explains:

“I’m glad we’ve got Joe, because we’re going to be able to actually get what [the fighters] are going through as they’re walking into the ring and all that. 

Because it’s different, if we got a ‘proper’ boxer, their experience of it wouldn’t be anything like what Joe’s talking, Joe’s going to know what it feels like.”

They also reveal that former world champions Johnny Nelson and Shannon Briggs will provide boxing analysis between round and fights, as two experienced ‘boxing brains’.

True Geordie himself will lead the commentary, as he did for the previous event. There were concerns that he would be dropped for the occasion after a dispute with Logan Paul, but it has since been resolved.

You can watch the full discussion of the upcoming fight and commentary team on the True Geordie Podcast below.