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Top 10 best Tfue workout Photoshops that will leave you in stitches

Published: 14/Feb/2020 20:42

by Virginia Glaze


Twitch star and Fortnite pro Turner “Tfue” Tenney is hitting the gym after his split with ex-girlfriend Corinna Kopf — and the internet isn’t passing up an opportunity to roast him.

Tfue unveiled his first workout photo on February 7, showing the gamer performing a trap bar deadlift with a concentrated look on his face.

Needless to say, Tfue’s show of confidence inspired a slew of lighthearted jokes at his expense, with fans and internet trolls promptly photoshopping the picture into hilarious monstrosities.

It seems that Tfue came to enjoy the jokes, too, as he posted a series of other gym photos to social media, even captioning one, “More gym pics to meme.”


With the star having retweeted a few of his favorite photoshop creations, we’ve compiled a short list of some of the best edits of his workout routine.

#10 – Fortnite editing Tfue

Fortnite regulars understand the importance of quick building, and Tfue does, too — but this hilarious edit of his gym routine shows him doing more than just curls.

From this perspective, it looks like Tfue is putting serious effort into his building skills, although we can’t say for sure if it takes as much physical straining to erect a few platforms.

#9 – Monkeying around

While quite a few of Tfue’s improptu photoshop challenge entries got creative, Twitter user “Mr. Milky” took their editing skills to the next level by placing the Fortnite pro into a tree.


Although Tfue has jumped from the reservoir before, we have yet to see him take the plunge from the top of a tree.

#8 – Noodle hair Tfue

Tfue’s curly blonde locs are part of his signature look, and they’re no exception to the internet’s brutal sense of humor.

Twitter user “Flash Designs” took advantage of the meme and decided to photoshop the star’s hair into a cup of instant noodles. We can’t vouch for the flavor, though.

#7 – Scooter Tfue

Although Tfue’s putting work into his arm circuit, one crafty photoshop fiend has a different take in mind, entirely.

Rather than lifting a bar, Twitter user “The Final Hoss” opted to edit Tfue showing off his scooter skills at a skate park. Think he could take on Tony Hawk? (Or is his scrunched expression due to hitting his ankles with that thing?)


#6 – Taco Bell Tfue

Fellow Twitch streamer and Fortnite aficionado “Dakotaz” offered a hilarious suggestion for Tfue’s high-effort workout picture: “Someone meme this man after Taco Bell on the toilet.”

Luckily, “TheAcroTV” was on the case in a second, giving fans a photoshop that they can all relate to. (Who hasn’t suffered at the hands of a Taco Bell chalupa, anyway?)

#5 – Chicken legs

Although Tfue is currently in the business of bulking up, photo editor “EclipseDeo” took the gamer’s workout into an entirely different direction.

While the picture shows Tfue bending into a squat for leg day, Eclipse shrunk his legs and inflated his arm size, making it seem like the star has been slacking in his lower body workouts.


#4 – Stacked Tfue

Some fans are getting seriously creative with these edits, and we have to applaud photoshop master FaZe Cuds for taking Tfue’s deadlift to the next level — literally.

Rather than just one deadlifting Tfue, Zane edited several Tfues on top of one another, essentially creating an odd nesting doll version of the streamer that has since garnered a whopping 6.9k likes.

#3 – Geodude Tfue

Tfue’s first gym pic kicked off an avalanche of hilarious photoshops, but none takes the cake as much as this neckless version of the gaming star.

Although FaZe Cud’s creation pens him as the Pokemon Geodude, we have to say he resembles Hitmonlee a bit more — but there’s no denying that his “lifting face” makes for a good laugh.


#2 – More neckless Tfue

We’ve seen neckless Tfue before, but FaZe Cuds struck again with another hilarious edit of Tfue’s gym routine, along with some solid advice: “Might want to work on your posture.”

Tfue must have found this edit funny, as well, since he retweeted the picture, although we can’t say if he’ll take Cuds’ humorous tip into consideration.

#1 – MMA Tfue

Tfue’s later gym photos show him in a deep squat, which became the perfect stance for a master of memes to edit him inside an MMA octagon.

The image’s humor aside, we have to wonder — how would Tfue fare in the UFC?

With so many edits of the streamer floating around the internet, our top 10 list highlights just a few of the best Tfue workout photoshops. Did we miss any other hilarious memes? Which photoshop edit is your favorite?