Tony Hawk tries to coach NICKMERCS in Pro Skater with hilarious results

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The original two Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater games have been completely revamped in a recent THPS 1 + 2 release, setting the stage for a hilarious stream between game’s namesake himself, Tony Hawk, and star Twitch streamer Nick ‘NICKMERCS’ Kolcheff.

NICKMERCS has been good at video games for a long time, as most recently evidenced by him winning the Toronto Ultra $100K Warzone Tournament.

But there’s a reason he doesn’t have an iconic skating game named after him and Tony Hawk proved why, as the legendary skater put the superstar stream through the wringer when the two played THPS on stream.

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Ever the gracious competitor, Hawk made sure to help his opponent before drubbing him in head-to-head competition. He showed NICKMERCS how best to pull off in-game maneuvers by showing him his controller virtually.

“I’m keeping it real here, THPS was all D-Pad, so that’s where I do it.”

As Hawk demonstrated, sometimes the best way to pull off moves is to get old-school and ignore the analog stick. Unfortunately, that wasn’t enough to save NICKMERCS from surviving their matchup.

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Even after all efforts from the legendary skater to help teach the ways of THPS mastery, NICKMERCS was unable to pull off the relatively standard Nose Stall. This led to a classic moment, as he stared down the camera in disbelief that he choked the landing and lost the match.

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While he may not be the best Pro Skater player, Nick is known for his on-stream creativity, especially when it comes to branded partnerships, so it should be no surprise that he found a way to sneak the topic milk into their match since the broadcast was sponsored by Got Milk?

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The two engaged in a game of M.I.L.K., a play-on of the classic S.K.A.T.E. mini-game in which each player has to match a trick done by the other or they get a letter. That itself is the skating version of the original H.O.R.S.E match from basketball.

He struggled to pull moves off with two hands, but ever-confident NICKMERCS tried it with one, as he challenged Hawk to pull off a move with one hand while drinking a glass of milk with the other. You can probably guess how their match ended, but at least Nick got the greatest skater of all time to sweat a little.

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You can check out the pair’s hilarious gaming session in the full VoD of the stream below.

The explosive trajectory of gaming has made it so that streamers like NICKMERCS are able to play games with names like Tony Hawk and many other iconic figures of their respective industries.

Here’s hoping that these two link up to play Pro Skater again someday, perhaps with the streamer having improved enough where he can actually give Hawk a challenge this time.

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