TommyInnit completely bamboozled by WillNE’s ridiculous deepfake YouTube collab

Jacob Hale
WillNE pranks TommyInnit in YouTube collab
YouTube: WillNE

Popular UK YouTuber Will ‘WillNE’ Lenney decided to pre-record all his collabs for a week with automated voice lines and weird deepfakes — and completely bamboozled TommyInnit.

Will has over 4m subscribers on YouTube, and can often be found in videos alongside his ‘Eboys’ crew with the likes of ImAllexx and Memeulous.

Throughout 2021 though, with Tommy’s insane rise to content stardom, he has featured in collabs with the Eboys, the Sidemen and other top YouTubers across the world.

While Tommy is often the one leaving his peers baffled by his quick wit and quirky traits, Will decided to spin the whole dynamic on its head.

TommyInnit with WillNE younger
Twitter: TommyInnit
Tommy actually used to be a fan of WillNE.

As Will reveals at the start of the video, he’s pre-recorded loads of sound bites and video clips to hopefully help him navigate the collaboration. While actually filming, Will trolled his friends by deepfaking their face onto his and leaving weird messages — and Tommy was baffled.

Throughout the video, you can see Tommy look over, obviously a bit perplexed and noticing something weird was happening, but it wasn’t quite clicking — until a Vikkstar video played out and Tommy completely lost concentration.

Then, the video started to unravel, and when Tommy left the room he gave a very weird look to his computer.

Finally, Tommy returned and Will came clean about what was going on.”I’ll be honest Tommy, it wasn’t me playing. I’ve not been here the whole time. I’m deepfaking all my collabs for a week and seeing if the other person realizes. You realized and then just still kept going!”

Tommy, through his laughter, couldn’t find the right way to explain what was going through his head throughout the video, but you can definitely see him trying to figure out what was happening at certain points.

While Tommy is usually the one making a mockery of other YouTubers and leaving them lost for words, it’s fair to say Will got the better of him this time.