TimTheTatMan is very confused by the new Twitch IRL categories - Dexerto

TimTheTatMan is very confused by the new Twitch IRL categories

Published: 28/Sep/2018 9:37

by Matt Porter


Popular streamer Timothy ‘TimTheTatMan’ Betar is struggling to understand the changes made to Twitch’s IRL section. 

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Betar was talking to his audience on stream in the new ‘Just Chatting’ category, when a viewer commented that they had seen the heavily tattooed streamer’s nipple through his tank top.

“We’re just chatting! I’m sorry!” joked Betar, “This is the end. We had a good run, we’re not just chatting anymore. I need to go to the body art section!”

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TimTheTatMan is clearly not a fan of the new tags system, that saw the IRL section of the site removed and replaced with 13 specific categories, stating; “God, they just took IRL and they ripped it apart!”


Betar seems to feel like the new system makes it difficult for streamers to appropriately label their streams, humorously telling his chat; “I’d like to think my body is art. I would like to think I’m just chatting with my chat. I’d like to think that this is a little bit of a podcast, and I can throw some ASMR in there if you’re really interested. I just don’t know which category to go in to.”

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Twitch’s decision to split the IRL category is an attempt to make it easier for viewers to find the type of IRL content they are looking for. It officially went live on Thursday, September 27 along with their new tag system.


While this is great for streamers whose broadcasts focus on one thing, it may prove difficult for others like TimTheTatMan who might not be able to put a specific label on what they do.