TikTok’s ‘what is your weakness’ quiz: How to take it

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TikTok users are finding out what their biggest weakness is with a popular new quiz called ‘what is your weakness?’ — here’s how to take it for yourself.

Throughout 2022, there have been several popular quizzes hosted by third-party platforms that have taken TikTok by storm, prompting hundreds of thousands of users to take them and share their results with viewers in viral videos.

These quizzes have included things like the wildly popular ‘Human Feeling’ quiz, along with the ‘Mental Age’ test which both blew up on the app.

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Now, there’s another quiz that has been doing the rounds on TikTok throughout July — the ‘what is your weakness’ test.

As the name suggests, this quiz tells you what it thinks your biggest weakness is based on the answers you give to a series of questions, and users have been sharing their results which have ranged from ‘you are blind’ to ‘you are lost’ in TikTok videos.

How to take the ‘What is your weakness’ quiz

Like other popular quizzes that have gone viral on the app, the ‘what is your weakness’ quiz is available from the site uquiz, and was created by user SeashoreGhost.

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First, enter your name, and then click ‘Start Quiz’ to begin answering questions. These include things like, “do you currently have any allies?” and “when are you alone?”

There are eight questions in total, and once you’ve answered them all you will be presented with your result, along with a brief explanation. To share your results on TikTok, simply screenshot the page, and include it in a video you upload to the platform.

If you want to find out more about other personality quizzes that have gone viral on TikTok, you can check out some of the most popular ones here.

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