TikToker who traded hairpin to a house gives house away to start again

demi skipper traded a hairpin for a houseTikTok: Trademeproject

TikToker Demi Skipper successfully traded a hairpin for a house in 2021, and after trading that house for another hairpin… she’s on the way to doing it again.

In just two years, Demi Skipper began with a one-cent hairpin that she posted on Craiglist to trade and ended up with an $80,000 house.

Her rules were simple. She couldn’t spend any money, and she couldn’t trade with anyone she already knew as they might be sympathetic to her cause.

On July 23, 2022, Demi posted a video on TikTok showing that renovations on the first house were finished, so she traded it to a young couple for a single hairpin… setting her up for yet another viral trade adventure.

Trademeproject set to trade for another house

Demi shared a video on her TikTok channel that showed the owner’s first impression of the new house.

Just a few days later, she posted another video updating her fans that she was working on getting a second house with the goal to become the first ever person to trade a hairpin for a house twice.

So far, she has traded Ellen tickets for a school backpack which has led to other items like an Apple Watch, Nintendo Switch, and even an SUV.

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Demi Skipper’s latest item is a John Deere tractor, and it appears that she’s changed the rules for this adventure as she’s asking her TikTok viewers to message her with items they have for trade.

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She’s received millions of views on her latest TikTok videos, showing that fans are definitely interested in watching her trade for yet another house.

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