TikToker wants Amazon’s Jeff Bezos to step in after getting sent home for pooping

Dylan Horetski
TikToker claims he was sent home for pooping

An Amazon delivery worker on TikTok is calling for Jeff Bezos to stop in while claiming he was sent home from work early due to stopping to poop at a gas station.

With over a billion monthly users on TikTok, people from all over the world have the opportunity to share their stories or attempt to get ahold of someone else.

Those creators include Amazon employees, like a delivery driver who was fired last November after a TikTok video showing the driver and a woman stepping out of the van’s back door went viral.

Now, an Amazon delivery driver on TikTok has gone viral calling for Jeff Bezos’ help after claiming he was sent home from work after stopping to poop.

TikToker claims he was sent home for pooping

Uploaded on August 26, IagtJuice3’s video claiming that he was sent home early for stopping at the gas station to poop has been viewed almost 200,000 times.

“Anybody that could get me in contact with Jeff Bezos, please do so immediately because I had work today. I got sent home cause I had to sh*t, Jeff. I got sent home ’cause I had to doo-doo Jeff,” he explained.

“I go use the bathroom, basically. The moral of the story, my stomach was hurting and I had to use the bathroom so I used the gas station bathroom. I took a sh*t there. I come out [and] saw my supervisor posted up [outside.]”

The TikToker claimed that his supervisor asked why he was “wasting time” while on the route before being sent home early.

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Viewers quickly took to the comments sharing their thoughts about the TikTokers situation.

One user commented: “Why do jobs act like us grown adults can’t use the bathroom when we need to? yall gon diaper me up or can I go potty?”

While a second user replied: “I personally want my delivery driver to be comfortable. It does not bother me to get my package a few minutes later because my driver has a pit stop.”

A third viewer, however, questioned how long he was in the bathroom: “How long were you in the bathroom? had to be a really long time for your boss to be outside waiting for you.”

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