TikToker sparks debate after sharing “creepy” messages from high school janitor

TikToker gets messages from janitorTIKTOK: bekahgregg12

A TikToker went viral after sharing “creepy” messages her high school janitor sent her, sparking debate.

Rebekah Gregg shared some Facebook direct messages that her former high school janitor sent her, asking for her age, and to be her friend.

In a viral clip, which has over 214,000 views, Rebekah starts off by opening her laptop, as text overlay on the video reads: “*Sees a Facebook message come in from my high school janitor*”

The video then transitions to the TikToker looking at the messages from her janitor. She covers the man’s name in an attempt to help him maintain his anonymity.

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The janitor starts the conversation by “waving” at Rebekah. He then writes, “Hi,” followed by “May I ask you something,” to which Rebekah replies, “yes, what’s up?”

He proceeds to ask, “How old are you now.” She doesn’t respond, and he sends a few more messages: “Can I be your friend now,” “Good morning,” and “Hi.”

The video then ends with Rebekah looking away from her laptop screen as she closes it shut. She captioned the video: “Logging off.”

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TikTok divided over high school janitor’s “creepy” messages

Many TikTok users blasted the high school janitor for his “creepy” and “inappropriate” messages.

“Uhhhh I hope he still don’t work at schools” one user wrote. “This literally put a pit in my stomach” another one commented.

“You don’t need to explain yourself. His behavior was inappropriate. Period. Women will always be blamed”, someone added.

Some users shared their own similar experiences.

“Girl, my highschool janitor got fired bc he stalked me over the summer and asked my friend on a date,” one user shared.

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“Dude. This happened to my husband, but it was his fourth grade teacher. He would message him late at night on fb telling him to go to bed. He got arrested for being too kid friendly,” another user revealed.

Others shamed Rebekah for responding to the janitor’s messages.

“How wonderful it is when a problem is so trivial that it can be completely silenced by … pressing the ‘off button,'” one user commented. “If he was a hot janitor you’d be into it,” another one wrote.

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In a comment, the TikToker revealed that the janitor has been reported to the school.