TikToker sparks debate after getting no interviews from 76 job applications

Kawter Abed
Unemployed TikToker

An unemployed woman on TikTok has sparked debate after sending 76 job applications and not receiving a single interview.

In a viral video that’s been viewed 1.4 million times, TikToker Meemaw Slayley slammed the hiring process, as she explained that she’s spent more than 8 weeks looking for a job, but failed to get anywhere.

She explained that she was unexpectedly laid off by her company and was “completely blindsided” by the news. After taking a week off to get herself together, she then began applying for jobs.

“In these last eight weeks since I’ve been putting (in) applications, I’ve put in 76 applications. For local work, remote work, a lot of marketing, digital, social, where my strengths lie and where I know I’m very good at my job” she says.

Even with all those applications, she says she still hasn’t heard back about a single one of them.

“76 applications, and I’ve not had one interview, I’ve not had any interest whatsoever. Y’all cannot tell me that companies are struggling because they don’t have any workers when you’re not hiring anyone” she says, sparking a conversation about the hiring process on the platform.

She continues: “I don’t know what to do at this point. I have the most beautiful, elaborate resumé, I have a detailed resumé, I have a beautiful cover letter, and, like, it’s all a scam.”

Viewers react to TikToker’s struggle to find a job

The comment section was flooded with viewers who could relate to Meemaw, as they shared their own struggles with finding a job in this current market.

“This frustrated me as well, when I was looking for a new job, I applied to at least 30 jobs, not 1 callback, email, or interview” one viewer shared.

“I feel ya sis! I’m in the same position. And what’s with having an interview and no call to say yes/no? They ghost you” another one added.

“No one is actually hiring, just posting job openings. I’ve been going through this for 8+ months” a third person wrote.

“Honey, I’ve put in over 450 in the last 4 months. It’s interesting to see no one hire a qualified candidate, but yet they are hurting for employees” a fourth person commented.

Others, however, thought Meemaw may be doing something wrong.

“Do you ever call them to follow up? If you’re applying solely online especially through a 3rd party site you’re competing with wayyyyy more people” one viewer commented.

Another person simply added “Must be doing something wrong, sorry” to which Meemaw replied “lul yuh everyone commenting they are having the same struggles are wrong too.”

Many viewers offered some helpful tips and suggested that she revamps her resume, which the TikToker was thankful for. She recently shared that she’s landed several job interviews since updating her resume.