TikToker saves bride’s wedding day after Uber didn’t show up

TikToker goes viral for saving bride's wedding dayTikTok: marksteenadamson / Unsplash.com: Drew Coffman

A TikToker is going viral for saving a bride’s wedding day after multiple Ubers canceled their trip to drive her to the church to tie the knot.

It’s summer, which means it’s wedding season — but one UK bride’s special day almost didn’t happen after multiple Uber drivers canceled on her.

TikToker Marksteen Adamson caught the blushing bride, Anastasia, standing near the street in her white gown along with two friends in her wedding party, and knew he had to help.

After exchanging a few words, Adamson told the group to hop in his car and drove them to the church.

TikTok wedding moment goes viralUnsplash.com: Olivia Bauso
One wedding is taking over TikTok, and it’s all thanks to one kind driver.

The party arrived safely and Adamson was even introduced to the vicar, who seemed totally flabbergasted that Anastasia had been found ‘in the street’ by the kind driver after her ride had canceled.

Luckily, everything worked out in the end and the wedding was able to proceed.

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According to Adamson, “she and her bridesmaid and team had been trying to order Uber cabs, but three cabs had canceled at the last minute and she was 45 minutes late for church.”

“Everyone, most importantly her husband-to-be, were waiting at Holy Trinity Bromton for her to arrive.”

“In our short time together we had lots of quick short conversations about everything and got to know each other a little better and new friendships were made. After I dropped her off I heard the sound of the organ ring out, and knew everything was going to be alright. It was a beautiful sunny day.”

Viewers are loving this wholesome, Hallmark-movie moment, and Adamson’s video chronicling the moment has racked up over 605,000 views.

“I bet this moment made her wedding even more memorable,” one user commented.

“You saved the most special day of her life,” another said. “I hope you win the Euromillions lol.”

“This is like a film!” another remarked.

TikTok wedding comments copyTikTok: marksteenadamson
Commenters were enamored by this wholesome wedding moment.

Adamson also revealed he’d been invited to the wedding as thanks for his help, but was unfortunately late for a reunion.

This is just the latest wedding-related moment to take TikTok by storm after a woman decided to mow her lawn right in the middle of someone’s nuptials.