TikToker leaves users disgusted after she got bed bugs from AMC theater

Kawter Abed
TikToker got bed bugs from amc theaterTIKTOK: xoxodanixoxo

A TikToker left users disgusted after claiming she got bitten by bed bugs from sitting in an AMC theater.

In a viral video, TikToker Dani, who posts under the handle xoxodanixoxo, was seen covering her mouth with her hand before revealing red blemishes on her leg. She circled the several alleged bed bug bites in black ink.

Dani wrote in a text overlay for the post: “Yall do NOT sit in the AMC at times square, someone burn that godforsaken place down.”

“For context yall, I was there for a work thing, not by choice and it’s bed bugs lol,” she wrote in a comment under the now deleted video.

This isn’t the first time someone has claimed to have received bed bugs from a movie theater. TikToker ufc.treinece also alleges that her friend got bitten by bed bugs after visiting the same AMC theater.

Viewers disgusted after TikToker gets bed bugs from AMC theater

Hundreds of TikTok users were grossed out by the bed bugs that Dani got from sitting at the movie theater.

“Hell no I was supposed to go there this weekend but nevermind” one user commented. “I would’ve burnt my clothes,” another one wrote.

“No one told me this i’m cancelling my tickets,” a third user shared. “New fear unlocked”, someone else added.

Other users were not surprised about the alleged bed bugs from the theater.

“I thought everyone knew this,” one user wrote. “First mistake was going to 42nd St,” the official TikTok account for CUNY quipped.

“Video before this was another AMC bed bug feature, at this point I’m convinced the $3 ticket special is part of a sacrificial ritual,” someone else shared.

AMC did respond to deny that there is an infestation at the AMC Empire 25 near Times Square. “Any time we receive a guest report about this topic at this location, the seat in question and several surrounding seats are disassembled to inspect for any sign of evidence,” a company spokesperson said. 

“If evidence is found, the affected area is closed and treated as soon as possible. In some cases, including as recently as last week, the third-party expert uses a canine inspection to ensure that all previously identified activity has been eliminated,” they said.