T-Pain recounts weird fan interaction on stream: “He pretended to pee next to me”

tpain fan pretended to pee next to him

Popular musician and Twitch streamer T-Pain recently recounted one of his weirdest interactions with a fan, where they followed him into a restroom and pretended to do their business.

A number of celebrities have attempted to use Twitch to build relationships with their fans and reach a broader audience. Some notable celebs-turned-streamers are Logic, Post Malone, and Big Brother’s Dan Gheesling.

But perhaps T-Pain is one of the best examples of a celebrity musician integrating with Twitch’s community. From playing games with Ninja to being on Mizkif’s gameshow, to even offering a musical collab with Corpse Husband; T-Pain is seen as a true Twitch streamer.

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However, with fans coming from two different outlets, that makes T-Pain two times as susceptible to awkward fan interactions. In fact, he recently shared one of his oddest encounters on stream.

T Pain Twitch stream

T-Pain followed him into the bathroom

T-Pain and his wife Amber were recently live on Twitch chatting with viewers when a comment brought up a time T-Pain was angry on camera. The duo explained that you never really know what’s going on in a celebrity’s life at that time, and that many fans will start taking photos or videos without asking or introducing themselves.

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“If somebody came up to you and started taking pictures and didn’t say nothing to you, you’d be weirded the f**k out,” stated T-Pain, “You need some kind of courtesy.”

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He went on to recount the time he and Amber were headed south and had to stop at a gas station. “The dude followed me into the bathroom and f**king pretended to pee next to me.”

T-Pain said that the fan stood in the urinal next to his until he was done, and then the fan followed him to the sink. “He was waiting on me to finish in my sink because his ‘didn’t have any soap in it’.”

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He continued by comparing how professional athletes are treated similarly to celebrities. “It’s normal to people and it’s weird,” T-Pain said as he detailed how some people believe rude or awkward interactions ‘come with the job.’

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