Logan Paul joins Olivia O’Brien on Coachella stage with hilarious response to ‘Joslyn’ song

Logan Paul joins Olivia O'Brien on stage at CoachellaInstagram: CreatorFlix / YouTube: The Zach Sang Show

YouTube star Logan Paul made an unexpected appearance onstage at Coachella this weekend with rumored ex-girlfriend Olivia O’Brien during her performance of ‘Joslyn.’

Logan Paul’s dating life has been a confusing one for fans and onlookers these past few years.

The YouTuber-turned-wrestler has been involved with a number of high profile women during his time in the spotlight, including the likes of model Josie Canseco and Marvel actress Chloe Bennet.

However, his past relationship with singer/songwriter Olivia O’Brien is now coming back into the limelight thanks to her recent performance at Coachella.

Olivai-OBrien-JosslynYouTube: Zach Sang Show Clips
Olivia O’Brien sparked dating rumors with Paul, once again, in 2021 during an interview on the Zach Sang Show.

Paul and O’Brien were rumored to be in a low-key relationship back in late 2019 — around the time she released her song ‘Joslyn,’ a track about how the guy she was seeing “ruined” their as-yet undefined relationship by sleeping with someone else.

O’Brien later confirmed the song was, indeed, about Paul, saying she initially “didn’t want anyone to know. I don’t like people in my business.”

Logan Paul pokes fun at Olivia O’Brien dating drama at Coachella

Well, it looks like the cat’s out of the bag nearly two years later, as Paul literally joined O’Brien on stage at Coachella to poke a little fun at their past romance.

During her performance of ‘Joslyn,’ Paul came on stage and held up a sign that read: “It wasn’t worth it.”

The ensuing cheers from the crowd show that this confirmation definitely had fans gagged — but it looks like the two stars are back on good terms, as they both got a laugh out of the ordeal before Paul exited stage left.


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While Paul hasn’t publicly commented on the stunt at the time of writing, he did upload a video of the moment to his Instagram stories, owning it in front of his 22.6 million fans.

This comes after the announcement of Paul’s ’99 Originals’ NFT project, which is set to go live this week.